Hear from a Donor

John Janet, a longtime supporter of Salesian Missions, recalls with fondness the lessons he learned from his mother who escaped Nazi Germany. Beginning a new life in the United States with only the clothes on her back, John’s mother instilled values in her son that would lay a strong foundation of giving back to those in need. John’s mother led by example, collecting money and sending it to the missions to support them in helping those who truly needed it most.
John JanetWhile serving in the military in Vietnam, John saw firsthand the plight of street children as they would chase the serviceman in the streets begging for food or a sip of soda. Seeing this and witnessing children rummaging through the trash to find food left an impression that John would never forget. 
John has been blessed with a successful career and has focused his retirement years on helping others. “He allowed me to earn it and I need to give back”, shared John recently. “My children are all set, but I need to help those less fortunate. It has to come from your soul and Salesian Missions allows me to give with my heart and soul and to make a difference. “
John has made a number of generous gifts to Salesian Missions - some gifts were directed to support Salesian Missions and children in need immediately while others are generating income.
John made the decision to select charitable gift annuities as one way to give back because it’s a way to support Salesians Missions while also provide a source of income for himself and his family. 
A charitable gift annuity may be the right gift type for you if you too are interested in having the security of fixed, dependable payments for life and want to make a generous gift to Salesians Missions. 
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